The Unstoppable Growth of Fantasy Sports

Fantasy sports is a huge business which has grown into a billion dollar industry. If you have a friend who is big on his or her sports, you can bet your bottom dollar that he or she has participated in some form of fantasy sports at one time or another.

Sport lovers seem to see themselves as ‘strategists’ and like to create fantasy sports teams, such as football, basketball and hockey. Some of these are serious competitions with entry fees and monetary rewards that can make people very, very rich if they play their cards right.

Fantasy sports are now more popular than ever, and they give fans of certain sports the opportunity to get stuck into their favorite sport and win real money.

Fantasy sports is no longer just a hobby; it is a billion dollar industry with millions of players around the world. In America and Canada, there are 59.3 million fantasy sports players which makes the industry worth around $18 billion.

It is a serious business, especially in the USA, where a staggering 21% of the population are fantasy sports players, 66% of which are males. The unique combination of skill and luck have positioned fantasy sports on the right side of the law, unlike most of sports betting across the Atlantic. For many who don’t play in any fantasy league, the difference might seem fuzzy, but it is well explained through the visual storytelling of BettingSites.

But it is not just modern times, as fantasy sports has a long and rich history. The first ever fantasy football team and rulebook date all the way back to 1962, when Wilfred Winkenbach, with a few friends, drew it up and established the foundations of this form of entertainment.

The first public fantasy league came into existence in 1969, introduced by Andy Mousalimas. Then, in 1989, the number of people playing fantasy football exceeded 1 million, and Yahoo! created a free to use fantasy football system 10 years later in 1999.

It is an industry which is going to continue growing, that’s for sure. If you want to learn more about fantasy sports, check out our infographic below which is full of historic facts and interesting figures.

The Unstoppable Growth of Fantasy Sports

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