Best Health & Weightloss Websites

Weight loss and health go hand in hand because losing weight helps in having better health conditions. Obese people have their health strongly affected by the surplus of fat. Additionally, weight loss is a way for people to look better and live a happier life. Not only obese people want to lose weight but people who want to gain abs or just want an athletic body in general. Here is a list of the Best Health & Weight loss Websites where you can learn new things about how weight affects your health, find out ways of losing weight, and know what works and what does not work from others.

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Influential people James H. Clark | |
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Monthly searches 398K
Total results in Google 3B

Top 5 Most popular Health websites in the world by visitors

Revuwire's overview of the most visited websites.

Company WebMD
Founder James H. Clark
Start date 06/04/1998

Start date 04/11/1996

Company Mayo Clinic
Founder William Worrall Mayo & Co
Start date 22/07/1997

Start date 01/05/1995

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Much knowledge about health related issues may also be found on sites like Webmd. Webbygram has compiled a list.

Best Health & Weightloss Websites

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