Sites like Humble Bundle

Humble Bundle is an online retailer of video games founded by Jeff Rosen and John Graham in 2010. It was acquired by IGN Entertainment in 2017 but still operates as a separate subsidiary. Humble Bundle offers game bundles at very low prices and buyers can even set the price for the bundles they wish to purchase. The company supports different charities and sales profits are shared by the developers, with a portion given to charity. As the company became more popular and grew bigger, they offered bundles more and more frequently and expanded their offerings to, not just independent game developers, more established companies. They have since offered video games, ebooks, software, and digital content. They have also grown into a game publisher and still consistently support charities. 

There are other online video retailers like Humble Bundle.  


Formerly known as Bundle Stars, Fanatical was introduced in 2012 by Focus Multimedia. This British online video game retailer rebranded itself as Fanatical in November 2017. As Fanatical, it offers more products and expanded its team. They curate video games from more than 800 publishers so gamers can choose from any of its 5,000 officially licensed game titles at affordable prices. They develop and publish digital content and games, not to mention providing a platform for other game developers to sell their products. Game bundles start for as low as USD 1 (Dollar Underground Bundle) for 9 games (originally costing USD 29). Fantasy Bundles start at USD 4 for 5 games, with a retail value of USD 74. 


Green Man Gaming 

Paul Sulyok and Lee Packham are the founders of Green Man Gaming. The company was founded in 2009 but the site was launched in 2010. Since then they have served 4.7 million customers in over 190 countries. They have partnered with over 670 publishers to bring their customers a wide variety of games and digital content to choose from. They also started publishing games in 2015. They actively support charities like GameAid and Special Effect. Video games sell for as low as USD 12 each. 



Groupees is an American curator and publisher of video games and digital content online that is based in Portland, Oregon, USA. They provide an avenue for content creators (music, books, comics, etc.) and game developers to sell their content and reach a global community. Game bundles start as low as USD 3 for 9 games. Books start at USD 5. Music bundles start at USD 1.5 for 4 songs. A group bundle start at USD 2 for 8 games, 3 songs, and 2 books. A unique offering they have is when a certain promotion target is reached, Groupees gives out free content. Content varies on the promotion. When purchasing, there is also an option to donate 25% of the sales to charity or make a separate donation. 


GamersGate AB 

Paradox Interactive tested selling a game via a downloadable link in 2004. The idea became quite popular that, in 2006, Paradox launched a platform, called Gamer’s Gate to distribute digital content. GamersGate AB works with more than 250 video game publishers all over the globe. This Swedish company carries over 6,000 game titles. The site offers Blue Coins, which can be used to purchase content. They can be bought or earned as users give reviews and participate in the tutoring program. The Game Tutor program allows the GamersGate community to ask about games and tips on game play. Video games go for as low as USD 1. 



IndieGala was launched in 2011 by CEO and co-founder Riccardo Rosapepe. They collaborate with more than 600 independent video game developers and established publishers to bring gamers all over the world a wide selection of games. For as low as USD 1, site visitors can avail 8 video games. The site also offers giveaways and free games, auctions and trades games as well. 

Sites like Humble Bundle

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