Most popular Software websites

Perhaps you are so used to using apps that you have forgotten that there is such a thing as software. But when you think about carefully, you are still using tons of programs on your laptop or even desktop PC. Around the web there are still a lot of websites that offer software for free or give overviews & reviews of the best software available online. This goes from text processing programs to little software applications like rar extractors etc. Here a list of the most visited sites online.

Niche trends 2021

Influential people Bill Gates | Tom Preston-Werner | John Warnock
Trending niche sites | |
Monthly searches 1,000,000
Total results in Google 2.300.000.000

Top 5 Most popular Software websites in the world by visitors

Revuwire's overview of the most visited websites.

Microsoft Office offers software for individual users and businesses. With the Office software users can access their calendar, address book, email and documents remotely. Examples of the Office software are: Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint.

Company Microsoft
Founder Bill Gates
Start date 04/20/1999 is a software developing platform with the largest community in the world.No wonder they have the biggest community with more than 19 million developers, 52 milion repositories and over 100.000 teams worldwide.

Founder Tom Preston-Werner
Start date 09/10/2007
73% is an american software producer with their main focus on graphic software. is used all over the world. I bet you have heard about on of these products: Adobe Photoshop, illustrator or inDesign.

Company Adobe
Founder John Warnock
Start date 17/11/1986
25% is a global company who offers software for successful CRM, which stands for customer relation management. The software helps companies build strong and new relationship with customers, with less effort. Key components are sales, service, marketing, community and analytics apps.

Start date 02/12/1998
43% offers a web based project management tool where you can create lists and cards to create some order in your chaotic life or business. It is incredibly easy to use and very flexible. Want some more order in your life or work? We highly suggest using

Company Trello Inc
Start date 20/08/2004

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If you want to start creating software yourself, websites like Codecadamy are a great resource. This list is provided by our partner Webbygram.

Most popular Software websites

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