How to transcribe a video to text?

It’s not difficult to learn how to transcribe video to text. In reality, it’s a skill that can be learned quickly. The difficulty, though, is to practice long enough so that your procedure becomes efficient and accurate. When watching TV or streaming internet video, you can immediately discern the difference between high-quality transcriptions and those that may leave you much more perplexed than if the captions were turned off. If you’ve ever wondered how to generate a video transcript, read this article and get started!

How to convert video to text

When converting a video to text, you have two possibilities. You have the option of doing it yourself or using a professional transcribing service. Both provide value, but they are not suitable for everyone. Consider these steps for each option and choose the best one for your needs.

 Transcribe it yourself

Before you begin, you will only need a few items to make a transcript from a video. As previously said, there is a very low barrier to entry if this is a talent you choose to learn. Make sure you have access to the video and a word processor (you can even write it by hand if you’re feeling adventurous).


  1. Watching the video
    When watching the video, attempt to view it in 10 second intervals. As you improve, you can begin to listen to lengthier pieces, but as you learn, you should focus on accuracy more than speed.


  1. Making the transcript
    Write down what you hear while watching the video. You should pay attention to details other than what the speaker is saying. The conversation is sufficient if you want to utilize the video transcript for notes or to pick quotes from. However, if you’re generating a transcription from a video to produce subtitles or captions, you should also take notice of essential context, such as a slammed door or a frightening footstep from someone who’s out of frame.


  1. Finetuning and editing
    When you’ve completed converting the video to text, go back and view it once more, paying attention to the timestamps in your transcript. Correct timestamps will not only let you refer to the relevant sections of the video, but they will also help you pace your transcription if you use it for subtitles or captions.

Transcribe Videos Using a Professional Transcription Service

The other approach is to use a professional speech-to-text transcription service like Amberscript. This technique is far simpler than manual conversions and will save you a significant amount of time. Here’s how to use a voice recognition service to create a transcript from audio or video data.

  1. Upload the MP4 file.
    Amberscript is a fast and very easy to use software tool to convert mp4 to text. You can set the language and the number of speakers in the user-friendly UI. The software uses artificial intelligence to transcribe the file in just a couple of minutes. Sit back and relax while the software does the heavy work. And when there are mistakes in the transcription, it’s easy to edit the transcript with the user-friendly editor.


  1. Export
    When you’re happy with the result you can choose to export your transcript in Text format.

With a transcription software tool like Ambescript you have everything you need to transcribe your video quickly and inexpensively. Creating captions and subtitles has never been easier.

How to transcribe a video to text?

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