How to Add/Remove Most Visited Websites on Chrome

Google Chrome (or just Chrome) is one of the most popular web browsers to date. One well-known feature of Chrome is its ability to track all recently visited web sites. By default, Chrome displays the web sites you visit a lot on the home page. This allows you to access them quickly without the need to enter the web site (URL) or even search it on Google (although you can always Bookmark it).

The catch here is it could affect the privacy of the user. While this may not be a problem at home, it could be a problem in the workplace or in an Internet café where computers are public. There is a likelihood somebody might see your browsing history and use it for ulterior motives. The obvious solution is to remove it.

Removing a Website

Whenever you arrive at Google Chrome’s Main Page, you will see a grid presenting the web sites you visit most of the time in thumbnail form. The simplest and most convenient way to remove one site is to simply put the mouse pointer or cursor over it. An “X” will appear at the upper right corner. Clicking that will remove the thumbnail.

To clear your browsing history, click on the Chrome icon at the upper-right corner of the browser, select History, then “Clear Browsing Data.”

If this is not enough and you want to be doubly sure for your peace of mind, you may want to get the Chrome extension New Tab Redirect. It is a downloadable app. Once installed, open it, select “Options” and from there, you can create a custom launch URL. You can also enter “about:blank” and this will result in a blank page every time you open Chrome.

Adding a Website

Perhaps the simplest way is to delete the thumbnail from the Chrome main page. Every time you do, the next frequently visited site thumbnail will appear to take its place. Repeat the process until you only have the sites you want.

You can also drag and drop thumbnails in the Most Visited page. Repeat the process until you are satisfied with the results.

Besides that, there is no other way as of the moment with the current version of Google Chrome where you can decide on what pages to keep that you visit a lot. The only other recommended solution is to make use of the Bookmark.

In some cases, Chrome might not show your most visited sites due to settings. As a solution, make sure Chrome can create a history of visited websites. This can be done by 1) Clicking on the Menu in the upper-right corner then select Settings. 2) After choosing Settings, look for Advanced. 3) From there, select Content Settings. 4) Next is to select Cookies. 5) Once you are in, make sure that the “Keep local date only until you quit your browser” option is disabled or turned off. After this, Chrome should be able to create a history and store cache, allowing your most visited web sites to appear.

How to Add/Remove Most Visited Websites on Chrome

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