A Marketing Strategy Template For E-commerce Startups

For an eCommerce company, customer acquisition is one of the biggest challenges due to high competition, huge investments involved and very less attention span from an average customer. If your marketing team doesn’t have an eye for controlling the cost of customer acquisition, things can go out of hand.

A successful eCommerce marketing strategy is
required which is data driven, scalable and fits well with your ROI equation.
This exhaustive infographic step-by-step explains eCommerce marketing framework
to acquire customers and scale up processes. The major steps include defining
and targeting the right audience, attracting customers, running competitive analysis,
running various marketing experiments and then building a proper framework.

This infographic aims to help eCommerce start-ups to formulate a proper process of customer acquisition which provides growth to business. Though marketing channels are never fixed for any company, but conducting proper analysis and channelizing efforts accordingly is what matters the most.


A Marketing Strategy Template For E-commerce Startups

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