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Cycling is not only a sport which is popular among millions of people, but it is the favorite activity of many. It is a recreational activity which implies not only effort but a bit of mechanical knowledge as well. A bicycle requires good care and maintenance for it to run well. Here is a list of the most popular cycling websites where you can view the latest news about bicycle racing, view facts about the best bicycles, learn how to maintain and repair your bicycle, and even meet new people with the same hobby and make trips with them.

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Top 5 Most popular Cycling websites in the world by visitors

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The Most popular Cycling websites on the internet in 2021

The most visitors is not everything. Here are the best.

Folding Bikes are the bikes of the future. With cities getting more crowded everyday, and cars are considered very not eco-friendly, Folding bikes and public transportation are the way forward. You can get the best folding bikes of 2020 reviewed at FoldingBikeGuru, as well as great tips and tricks.

Company FoldingBikeGuru
Start date Friday February 12, 2016

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Most popular Cycling websites

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