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It is not even so long ago when you had to book your flights at a local travel agency. Or that you had to rely on just a few airlines, with hardly any budget flight companies out there. Things have changed dramatically. Low-priced airelines like RyanAir or WizAir changed the game, and the large number of flight comparison websites have made picking your perfect flight for a reasonable price easier than ever. Last-minute or a long time in advance, it doesn’t matter anymore – as long as you are flexible enough with your dates and don’t care about early travel times and all too much comfort, (I am mainly adressing teenagers and students here) you can get a cheap flight. Of course, the best time to book a flight is still outside of the tourist-season, but even then much is possible. Fortunately it’s not all about prices. Some airlines are working hard to give you the luxury travel experience, and when you are prepared to pay a little extra, you really do find yourself having a more pleasant journey. For most senior travelers this is a must. Here we have a list of both types of flight booking websites, and flight comparison websites, as well as some great tips and advice. These websites are in a very competitive niche with relatively few monthly visitors but with a very high payout. Comparison websites or flight searching websites work on a commission basis, meaning they will get a percentage of the flight price. This is a good reason to also compare the comparison websites:).

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Flight Tickets websites

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