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Many people think that golf is the sport of the rich people. However, that is not entirely true. The equipment for this kind of sport might cost more when compared to other sports, but it is not far from the reach of the common people. Golf as a sport is followed by millions of people and it requires much patience, accuracy and precision. It takes a lot of time and patience to learn this beautiful sport, and it is practiced usually during holidays. Here is a list of the most popular golf websites where you can check out news about your favorite golfer or learn tips and tricks on how to learn and play this sport.

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Top 5 Most popular Golf websites in the world by visitors

Revuwire's overview of the most visited websites.

Start date 19/06/1995

Founder Arnold Palmer
Start date 14/12/1998

Start date 03/10/1995

Start date 20/03/2005

Start date 24/05/1995

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Most popular Golf websites

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