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Not everyone, especially not celebrities, are fans of gossip magazines and websites. But at the same time these same celebrities can't live without them, as they generate press coverage, and sometimes turn them into stars. Often people don't even have to be good at something - they can just be famous. Here are the best gossip websites around. The ones that are the most popular and the ones that check their facts the best. Even in sewer journalism, some rats are better than others:).

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Monthly searches 954K
Total results in Google 246M

Top 5 Most popular Gossip websites in the world by visitors

Revuwire's overview of the most visited websites.

Without a doubt the biggest US Celeb news site in the states. They also have a very popular TV Channel.

Company Time Warner
Founder Harvey Levin
Start date 15/02/1996

Company NBCUniversal Cable (NBCUniversal)
Start date 01/09/1995

A great website about anything to do with people, especially celebrities. Nice in-depth and fun profiles about what people are like, and tons of news items and interviews.

Company Time Inc.
Start date 02/06/1994

Start date 20/03/1997

Company Zimbio, Inc.
Start date 02/12/2005

Other useful resources related to Gossip

There are tons of websites out there that gather info about celebrities, but Muzul makes it extra fun. They not only list celebrities’ net worth and salary, but give you entire overviews of what kind products the celebs use, what they spend their money on (like cars & houses), and a nice visual overview of all family members, friends & pets.

Company Muzul
Start date 2015

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Best gossip websites

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