Hotel websites

The hotel and hostel booking market is dominated by a few major players like or They cater to the budget hotel booking market as well as the high-end travel market. Nonetheless, when you have more specific needs, there are plenty of alternatives. You just need to know where to find them, as the bigger companies have used huge marketing budgets to clutter your Google Searches. We have made lists of hotel booking websites that don’t only list the best hotels & hostels by price or reviews, but also offer special locations or try to give you an over-all more rewarding experience.

Another thing you could consider is to bypass these comparison websites (that all take a commission on the price) and go straight for the website of the hotel or hostel you want to reserve a room. Often you can even negotiate on prices that way.

It must noted that Airbnb has changes things up significantly. Not only hotel and hostel booking websites have been bypassed, but hotel owners as well. So if you want more freedom, and want to spend your holiday as if you are a local, we suggest you take advantage of this opportunity.

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Hotel websites

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