Best Manga & Anime Websites

Manga is considered a form of art by many people and Anime is practically Manga with a bit of life into it. Both Manga and Anime are originated from Japan and have spread quickly to millions of fans all over the world. Manga is preferred by people who like to read and imagine to be the characters themselves. On the other hand, anime is for people who enjoy their favorite characters taking part in glorious battles. If you are a fan of Manga or Anime, here is a list of the Best Manga & Anime Websites where you can look for new episodes, learn new things about your favorite characters and meet new people who also like them.

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Monthly searches 6,000,000
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Top 5 Most popular Manga & Anime websites in the world by visitors

Revuwire's overview of the most visited websites.

Start date 11/03/2012

Company formerly Pokémon USA Inc.
Start date 08/01/1998

Start date 21/08/1998

Start date 27/07/2008

Company ENOM, INC.
Start date 28/01/2002

The Best Manga & Anime Websites on the internet in 2021

The most visitors is not everything. Here are the best.

Company NAME.COM, INC.
Start date Saturday April 4, 2015

Start date Sunday March 5, 2006

Company ENOM, INC.
Start date Saturday January 7, 2023

Start date Wednesday November 5, 2014

Company ENOM, INC.
Start date Saturday January 7, 2023

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Best Manga & Anime Websites

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