Best and most popular search engines

If you were looking for new search engines that can bring up the best results for your keywords, then look no further. Our list of the best and most popular search engines will give you the highest ranked and rated platforms, where you can easily find the information you need. We know that the search results need to be accurate and fast, which is why we always show the best results. These results are analyzed and improved by specialists depending on the keywords that you need. Besides, they are based on key search engine optimization strategies so that you can reach trustworthy results in just a few seconds.

Niche trends 2021

Influential people | |
Trending niche sites | |
Monthly searches 260K
Total results in Google 416M

Top 5 Most popular Search Engine websites in the world by visitors

Revuwire's overview of the most visited websites.

Company Google (Alphabet)
Start date 15/09/1997

Company Microsoft
Start date 29/01/1996

Company Yahoo
Start date 18/01/1995

Company IAC
Start date 20/10/1998

Start date 22/06/1995

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Best and most popular search engines

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