Best Apps for Renting a Car

Technology, through a combination of apps and handheld gadgets, has made our lives easier. Renting a car is no exception. Usually, we go to a physical kiosk and transact there. Thanks to technology, this may not be necessary if we are unable to go to such a place. Here are (at least) five of the best apps for renting a car for iOS and Android.


Carrentals is the simplest way to book a car and it allows you to compare car rental rates from every major car rental agency. You can also view, cancel and resend confirmation e-mails for rentals you book in the app or on the web. It allows you to contact customer service directly and provides you roadside support. The app is available in 28 different languages.

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When one thinks of rental cars, Hertz would immediately come into mind. It is very clear Hertz is has embraced technology to make its service available. They have an app that serves that purpose. You can search for the location of any of their services that are near your area out of the almost 10,000 locations worldwide.  It also allows you to find any parking space as well as contact roadside assistance in case of an emergency.


Getaround is an on-demand car rental service. The service provided promises no waiting in line, no hassle and no paperwork. You are given a range of choices of cars in their fleet to rent from a Toyota to a BMW, and even a truck. It allows you to unlock your car with your phone. It is free to join and you only pay for the time you need. Getaround cars come with rental insurance and 24/7 roadside assistance on every trip.


When you open the RelayRides app, you are greeted with the message, “Rent your perfect car.” RelayRides offers a fresh approach on car rentals, giving average folks a way to earn extra cash by sharing their vehicles with strangers. Renting clients save money, car owners make money, and RelayRides handles all the logistics, including liability and insurance requirements.


Zipcar is the most convenient way to rent a car. It is available on a daily and hourly basis and it comes with the gas and insurance as well. You have a wide variety of cars to choose from, including vans and trucks. It comes with a total of 26 different languages, so you can understand the app properly. If the car is available, you can extend your trip right in the app and continue adventuring. If the car’s not available beyond your scheduled reservation, return it ASAP to avoid late fees.

Best Apps for Renting a Car

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