Perfect web design ideas for gaming websites

Gaming websites are now a dime a dozen. With 2.2 billion gamers all over the world, many gaming sites have stepped up their game to entice as many visitors and users to their site. The perfect 1-2 punch would be amazing web design and excellent user experience. Like online real money casino sites with their simple yet colorful designs. Over time, web designs have evolved and continue to evolve in terms of technical capability and visual content.  


In choosing a gaming website with an awesome web design, the primary considerations are: accessibility, design, content, technological aspects and interactivity, creativeness and originality. 


These websites are just some examples of what gaming websites should aim for in terms of design.  



Playdead developed the game Inside and released it in 2016. The lead developer was Jeppe Carlsen alongside artists Morten Bramsen, Jeremy Petreman, and Marek Bogdan. Animator Andreas Normand Grontved joined the team to take care of the animations part of the project. Bramsen’s preliminary sketches became the guidepost for much of the design and style of the game. It won several awards from the 2017 British Academy Games like Artistic Achievement, Game Design, and Best Narrative. In 2018, it bagged the Best User Experience award (People’s Choice) and Best Visual Design from the Webby Awards. The game was lauded for its story and gameplay in “meticulously constructed environments.” Change was key and constant, depending on the response and reaction of testers. The artists shared that designing Inside followed no structure and was totally organic.  



Blizzard Entertainment is the developer behind Overwatch. The game’s main designers are Jeremy Craig, Michael Elliott, and Scott Mercer alongside artists William Petras and Arnold Tsang. The developers resurrected and reworked some concepts and ideas from Blizzard’s Project Titan, which was dropped. The graphics, characters, and gameplay were worked, reworked, and polished in 2 years. Balance was sought throughout the game for its characters, levels, and classes. “Combat clarity” was sought per area, to distinguish the heroes from the enemies. Another focus was to combat the feeling of negativity after playing the game. The developers worked to incorporate a positive message and removed elements that would feed that negative vibe. They also used vibrant colors as opposed to the usual dystopian visuals of other games. The game was released in May 2016 and has bagged the Best Evolving Game from the 2018 BAFTA Games Award and the Game of the Year from the NAVGTR Awards in 2017. 


The Long Dark 

Released in 2017, The Long Dark is from developer Hinterland Studio. It was designed by Raphael van Lierop and Alan Lawrance. Through a Kickstarter program and PayPal contributions, Hinterland was able to raise USD 206,217 to push through with the game’s development. During the development of the game play, Van Lierop was also very adamant about not being pressured by the dictates of the player community in terms of the game’s direction and release date. When the alpha version came out, the game was lauded for its artistic vision. It secured nominations for Best Art Direction and Best Game Design from the 2018 Webby Awards and bagged the Best Writing and Strategy / Simulation from the award-giving body. 


Perfect web design ideas for gaming websites

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