Best DIY Websites

DIY stands for Do It Yourself and it is the hobby of millions of people from all over the world. DIY means creating and manufacturing various tools and objects at your own home. It is not only as a recreational hobby but also a way to save money, as you can create something for a fraction of the retail price of it. Here is a list of websites where you can learn to manufacture that well needed tool that is very expensive, and find out exactly what you need to make it by following a step by step guide with pictures and even videos.

Niche trends 2021

Influential people Saul Griffith & Co | Courtney Rosen | Stephen Chao
Trending niche sites | |
Monthly searches 1,000,000
Total results in Google 1.580.000.000

Top 5 Most popular DIY websites in the world by visitors

Revuwire's overview of the most visited websites.

Company Instructables
Founder Saul Griffith & Co
Start date 22/06/2005

Founder Courtney Rosen
Start date 16/11/1998

Founder Stephen Chao
Start date 29/07/2006

Start date 03/04/1998

Start date 17/10/1995

The Best DIY Websites on the internet in 2021

The most visitors is not everything. Here are the best.

Start date Friday June 27, 2003

Start date Monday November 16, 1998

Company, Inc.
Start date Friday September 24, 1999

Start date Saturday March 6, 2004

Company Univision Communications
Start date Wednesday September 8, 2004

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Best DIY Websites

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