Most popular Ice Hockey websites

Ice Hockey is a very popular contact sport, especially in Canada. Hockey is a sport filled with action and adrenaline and can even get violent sometimes. One of the rules of Hockey even allows the players to fight with the opposite team under the cheers of their own fans. Not everyone can become a hockey player and this might be one of the reasons for which it is considered as a venerated sport. Here is a list of the most popular hockey websites where you can find out news about your favorite team or players, check out when the next match will be held, view scores and make comments about previous games.

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Top 5 Most popular Ice Hockey websites in the world by visitors

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Start date 18/10/1994

Start date 10/09/1997

Founder Johan Nilsson
Start date 10/07/2000

Start date 21/08/1998

Start date 24/09/1999

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Most popular Ice Hockey websites

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