Does a website need a mobile version?

According to, there are 5.135 billion mobile phone users in the world today. Based on Statista’s recent study, the number of mobile phone internet users is 3.7 billion. Given that more than half of mobile phone users surf the net on their mobile, it is therefore quite necessary to develop a mobile-friendly website.

Accustomed to mobile usage

People have become so accustomed to surfing the internet on their phones rather than on their PCs. It is undoubtedly more convenient this way, for one. And since free Wi-Fi is accessible in most parts of a city (especially in restaurants, cafes, hotels), it is less the hassle. Not to mention the affordable mobile data package offered by all phone carriers and providers.

In this digital age, more and more people shop online than they do at brick and mortar stores. Big companies like Amazon, Costco, Wal-Mart, Ulta Beauty, and Macy’s have all jumped on the bandwagon. Case in point, Amazon’s members has increased from 35 million to 40 million, thanks to their online stores. So if casino for mobile is available, retailers should think fast about having a mobile-friendly site. Not only that, e-commerce has shifted to m-commerce.

Mobile first index

Furthermore, Google announced in 2017 that they would make changes to their indexing and ranking system. Websites with mobile versions will have more priority, and therefore be ranked higher than those without. So if you are in the retail business, traffic will have a great impact on your business, profit-wise. Getting a higher ranking and being seen at the top of the list increases your chances of getting traffic to your site. And more traffic to your site increases the probability of sales transactions.

Now, grabbing a mobile web developer or designer might be easy but having a mobile-friendly site is another thing. Mobile users behave differently than PC users. Mobile users are more fickle and impatient, and easily jump from one site to another if the mobile site loads slowly or it is too messy and the layout busy. But if your site is optimized for mobile, you can count your chickens before they’re hatched because these mobile users buy small things more frequently and spend more money online than PC users. You will surely gain a lot from mobile transactions.

Rise in mobile advertisement

Not to mention that mobile advertising has grown in the last 3 years. Forecasts and projections on mobile ad spendings were quite conservative. In 2015, the projection was USD 42 billion by 2018. In 2017, it actually reached USD 125 billion. Desktop ad spending dropped from USD 2.9 billion to USD 96 million. The investment is worthwhile as m-commerce is already a USD 1.36 trillion business. Give it 2 more years and it will double in growth, most likely reaching USD 2.32 trillion.

Does a website need a mobile version?

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