Best Websites for funding your online business

People come up with many business ideas. Some may not require much capital, while others may need a lot to start. If payday advances are not enough to build your capital, there are many ways to get the funding you need.


In April 2009, Perry Chen, Yancey Strickler, and Charles Adler started Kickstarter with the intention of bringing creative projects to life. Because of Kickstarter, over 150,000 projects have gotten funding, USD 4.1 billion pledged, and 16 million supporting projects. Kickstarter has endeavored to connect creators, inventors, artists, musicians, performers, writers, developers, and so on. Because of Kickstarter, 2 short documentary films (Sun Come Up and Incident in New Baghdad) were produced and earned Oscar nominations, Elan Lee’s Exploding Kittens game raised over USD 8.7 million, and Pebble Technology was able to produce 3 versions of the Pebble Time smartwatch (all three versions garnered over USD 42 million in funding).


Founded in 2008 by Slava Rubin, Eric Schell, and Danae Ringelmann, Indiegogo provides an avenue for people to seek public funding for their business idea or products. In 2014, the company expanded and introduced Indiegogo Life, which aimed to help people raise money for medical expenses, emergencies, life events, etc. They renamed it as in 2015. Indiegogo’s processing fee still applies to every donation. Since it came to be, it has a community of over 9 million backers from 235 countries, bringing over 800,000 ideas to life. They also give entrepreneurs, artists, and inventors the avenue to sell their products through the website. The biggest Indiegogo campaign raised over USD 12 million for the Flow Hive by Honey Flow with more than 36,000 backers.


iFundWomen is solely dedicated to providing women-led businesses the platform they need to get their ideas, products, events, advocacies, etc., out there in the market. But they do not leave newbies to do it on their own. iFundWomen also provide business coaching to women entrepreneurs, innovators, designers, organizers, and everyone in-between. They also provide services to make a professionally produced video for the business. Founded by Karen Cahn, Sarah Sommers, and Kate Anderson, they wanted to give women the boost they need to start their business on the right foot. Another thing that sets it apart from other crowdfunding campaign is that it gives back a percentage of their fees to other campaigns.


In 2012, Ryan Feit and James Han founded SeedInvest and launched the company the following year. They invite venture capitalists and angel investors to support new business and they vet each one before showcasing them on the platform. Their most successful campaigns include the Virtuix, a treadmill simulator for virtual games, which raised USD 7 million. They also helped Knightscope Inc. raise USD 5 million for their Autonomous Data Machines (ADMs), which monitor public places like malls and parking lots in order to prevent crimes like the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. Since 2012, SeedInvest has helped fund over 150 startups, worth over USD 100 million, with almost 260,000 investors.

Best Websites for funding your online business

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